100 / You are loved.


We gather ’round my blog-fire from time to time and share stories.  Together, we are an eclectic, eccentric, electric tribe.   Our perspectives and life-journeys weave around us like fireflies, and the dancing brightness illuminates every pathway– possible and impossible.

I see the many ways we traveled to arrive here– and how easy it would be to arrive elsewhere– and I marvel at our synchronicity.

Because we are here now.  We found each other.

The fire is aflame, thanks to your kindling, and in the brightness of its warmth, I see you as my connection to every dream.

You are loved.


This is my first foray into completely unscheduled 100 word posts.  I am, of course, cheating by adding subnotes here but since I made the arbitrary rules– I get to break them, too.

I’ve been catching up on old comments, since comment replying is one thing that I  don’t…

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About ZeeBeeReports

I am a professional talker, but amateur blogger. I am working on getting my word out there to you guys slowly but surely. I love being in the loop in today's world, the things that go on, pop culture, music, and events. I am the kind of person who looks at life and thinks about it in the deepest and craziest way. My mind wonders over the many thoughts and conversations within my head while my body endures the physical wonders of the world. I have contemplated talking about my thoughts for a while now, and this is my first attempt to share to you what I think of the world. :)

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