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I came back from my environmental studies class not long ago and we are watching Food, INC directed by Robert Kenner. It is really quite eye-opening to see the problems and distress we all must endure in order to get food on our table. It is far more of a process then just going to your local store, throwing some veggies in a bag, and hitting the lineups.

There are tons of mistreated animals, lots of poor chickens, and people without morals. Is it really that the people are bad? Or is the fact that perhaps the economy and ever-growing population is forcing these people to produce in the way they do. A complication that is in my head every time I think about is that this issue of poor standards could be corrected if people were able and willing to refrain from eating like we do for a short amount of time. That obviously is not realistic though. I can’t imagine it would be easy to get huge targets of population to stop eating, nor does any company want that.

Did you know that most of the food that people eat in their daily lives only comes from about 12 plants, and 5 animals? That is ridiculous considering how many species of plants and animals are on this Earth! Time and time again within the documentary, it is mentioned that owners of these large corporations, such as Tyson will not allow interviewers inside of their animal tents, nor will they even get on screen themselves. They are obviously trying to hide from the public the poor conditions these animals, our food, live in. E-coli is a real worry! There was a case about a young boy named Kevin who died in 12 days after consuming a hamburger infected with e-coli. In 1997, there was generally about 50,000 food plant inspections, and now there are only about 10,000 in a year. With the increase in technology, there should be less issues, correct? Wrong. We clearly are not ready to handle these scientific advances in a controller and safe manner.

Better yet, why do we even want our food to be acted upon with science and genetic enhancements? Chickens are supposed to grow within a few months, not in the 49 days that they do. Their bone growth and structure can not keep up with the actual fill-out of the body and you get a bunch of chickens who lie around on the ground waiting to be sent to the slaughterhouse…. It is a cruel reality. Did you know this is how you get your food?

Coming to the close of my rant, I would just like to encourage each and every one of you who is reading this to think twice about where you are getting your food from. Next time you go to a store to get groceries, try a local market. Try some free-range eggs knowing that the chicken’s butt it came from was probably not nested in manure for the majority of it’s life. Eat meat from local farms, not those that are mass-produced in factories, possibly one of the twelve across the USA. Those conditions are poor and careless for both the workers, and the animals. Again, your food! Most importantly, grab some organic veggies and fruits! You need to watch out for the pesticides because they can cause contamination and a handful of other sour endings. Some may argue price is a factor, but you can’t put a price on life, and to be honest the price is not that much worse considering the quality and procedure of your food getting to your table.

Food for thought!


Take care,


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