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Macklemore at the Grammys – Changing the World

I would like to take today’s blog post and comment on the recent Grammys that took place January.26, 2014.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won four Grammys yesterday night including best new artist and they have earned every right to do so. These two gentlemen went a long way in their journey, and as Ryan Lewis stated in a media interview after the show, you don’t make music expecting to win a Grammy, but it is the pinnacle or apex of your work to accomplish such a feat.

That interview can be seen here:

It is really quite amazing what has been accomplished through nothing but words (takes us back to a prior blog post) and a rhythm. There have obviously been some influential artists in our lifetime; however, the reason why I outline Ben Haggerty and Ryan Lewis is because they are movement makers. They changed the game and managed to get a segment of the gay rights movement on national television. This is a huge step into history. During Macklemore’s performance of “Same Love”, Queen Latifah actually wedded 33 different couples along the middle lanes of the many rich and famous viewers at the show. Among these couples, there were man and wife, man and man, as well as wife and wife.

This is honestly a huge deal to have had happen in the first place, but having this happen alongside a voice of a rapper really shows you what our society is doing for it’s future. You can watch this happen here:

You can not tell me that this is not a turning point for us as humans. As Macklemore says, we all deserve the right to be human, the right to love who we want to love. It is about time we take this right since it was always ours to begin with.

There were many other great artists at the show; however, I think we can all agree this movement was definitely the biggest moment of Grammy history. This just happened. This happened on national television. This happened due to a rapper’s dream of a world that works with what they have, works with one another, and achieves an equal love for eachother. Rappers used to be deemed as great artists who could rhyme for days and paint a picture.

I would say that these two particular gentlemen have now painted a reality. One that won’t go unnoticed. Not to mention, they managed to do this all themselves without a mainstream producer. Perhaps it was that very essence of musical freedom that allowed them to perform such a stunt.

Congratulations to Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and the other artists from the Grammys.

Thank you for bringing a much needed light in front of millions of people.


Happiness Makes the World go Round!


  • Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.
This is a great, great reason to live. Right here. Just being able to wake up each day knowing that you may have an opportunity to smile. I don’t know about you, but when I get the feeling of happiness nothing could be better! I hope that this weekend, each and every one of you felt that smiley strike I did.
It could have been anything really. Maybe you woke up and just felt really rejuvenated, or else maybe you met someone this weekend who seems sweet and you would like to get to know them more! The possibilities are endless.
The reason why I chose to say a little bit about happiness today was because I am in a very happy state of mind right now! Sometimes, it just takes one little thing to make everything you know appear a bit brighter. Never underestimate the power of a few words, or a kind gesture that makes you smile. Never underestimate the power of a smile itself…..It is true what they say about smiling being contagious. Have you ever caught yourself in a down mood, but suddenly someone nearby shares a laugh with a friend or maybe smiles at the waitress walking by? All of sudden, you feel enlightened and like a bit of weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You might not realize it at the time, but that is the power of people together. Think of a placebo effect as well, mind over matter. If you think you are going to have a good day when you wake up, you probably will. There could be some bumps along the way, but overall you will feel content at the end before bed.
My weekend turned out to be very good. There were smiles, laughs, fun times, memories, friends, and music that made it all worth while. What is the point of this particular post? I am simply just hoping that by reading this and feeling the happiness radiate from these words that you will get a grin or a chuckle out of it. If not, you could always resort to the newspaper for the funnies! I want you to go to bed tonight though with a smile on your face. You will sleep better, feel better, wake up happier, and will live longer. Don’t let the little things in life get to you. Remember to look for a light, and no matter how bad something appears to be, one smile could change the situation right around.
Take care,

What about all of those words?

Hey guys,

Have you ever truly wondered about what words mean? They could mean tons of things of course, from conveying an upsetting event that has passed, or to suggesting two people spend the rest of their lives together. Words are a really powerful device in this world today and I just feel like I should write about them a bit.

I have had many incidents where I have said something and then later, kick myself in the teeth after thinking of something else I could have said that would have portrayed my emotion much better. Really, aside from facial gestures (though they speak 1000 words themselves), you have your word choice by your side to influence and create anything you desire in this world. This world is a blank book, a large book for that matter. If you were to be the one peering into it from above as an uncertain identity, you could read a large history of people that have made the world shake, lovers who have gained, those who have lost, and peace that has been made just for a few examples. Now, is that not the most incredible thing you have ever thought about?

Imagine a world where people could not speak. Do it, right now………………………..How did it look to you? Were there a lot of happy faces? Were there movements and divisions? Were there technological advances, food sharing, a clear set of who was on top and who was on bottom? I would like to know from you how the world looks without words. Reply in the comments box; I am interested to see what people say (using words).

This really all came about just because I was thinking…..of course, as usual. One thing that is said to me from a particular person can have entirely different value to me from another person who says the same thing. How it is said, what the person looks like when they are saying it, and the amount of passion and emotion I can receive from the individual makes all the difference to me. There are people who I want to tell me certain things, and must wait for that moment. Then there are also other people I hope that never tell me other certain things.

In the life we live, one word, one sentence, one empowering vocal release of one’s self can change just so much in an instant.

Take care,

Food for Thought

Hey there guys,


I came back from my environmental studies class not long ago and we are watching Food, INC directed by Robert Kenner. It is really quite eye-opening to see the problems and distress we all must endure in order to get food on our table. It is far more of a process then just going to your local store, throwing some veggies in a bag, and hitting the lineups.

There are tons of mistreated animals, lots of poor chickens, and people without morals. Is it really that the people are bad? Or is the fact that perhaps the economy and ever-growing population is forcing these people to produce in the way they do. A complication that is in my head every time I think about is that this issue of poor standards could be corrected if people were able and willing to refrain from eating like we do for a short amount of time. That obviously is not realistic though. I can’t imagine it would be easy to get huge targets of population to stop eating, nor does any company want that.

Did you know that most of the food that people eat in their daily lives only comes from about 12 plants, and 5 animals? That is ridiculous considering how many species of plants and animals are on this Earth! Time and time again within the documentary, it is mentioned that owners of these large corporations, such as Tyson will not allow interviewers inside of their animal tents, nor will they even get on screen themselves. They are obviously trying to hide from the public the poor conditions these animals, our food, live in. E-coli is a real worry! There was a case about a young boy named Kevin who died in 12 days after consuming a hamburger infected with e-coli. In 1997, there was generally about 50,000 food plant inspections, and now there are only about 10,000 in a year. With the increase in technology, there should be less issues, correct? Wrong. We clearly are not ready to handle these scientific advances in a controller and safe manner.

Better yet, why do we even want our food to be acted upon with science and genetic enhancements? Chickens are supposed to grow within a few months, not in the 49 days that they do. Their bone growth and structure can not keep up with the actual fill-out of the body and you get a bunch of chickens who lie around on the ground waiting to be sent to the slaughterhouse…. It is a cruel reality. Did you know this is how you get your food?

Coming to the close of my rant, I would just like to encourage each and every one of you who is reading this to think twice about where you are getting your food from. Next time you go to a store to get groceries, try a local market. Try some free-range eggs knowing that the chicken’s butt it came from was probably not nested in manure for the majority of it’s life. Eat meat from local farms, not those that are mass-produced in factories, possibly one of the twelve across the USA. Those conditions are poor and careless for both the workers, and the animals. Again, your food! Most importantly, grab some organic veggies and fruits! You need to watch out for the pesticides because they can cause contamination and a handful of other sour endings. Some may argue price is a factor, but you can’t put a price on life, and to be honest the price is not that much worse considering the quality and procedure of your food getting to your table.

Food for thought!


Take care,

100 / You are loved.

My Epiphany of the Weekend

‘Twas the second weekend of 2014, and all through my head, not an issue was stirring, just about 50 of them…

It has been a rough weekend for me. Not exactly the best start to 2014, but I guess there is not much you can do about it, is there? The end of 2013 was full of good times, family, cookies, and being home with the people I grew up with. I was still not quite satisfied, and I just did not know why. It did not make any sense; I was home…

My life has always had this fulfilling requirement that I can not seem to shake no matter how hard I try and that is that I can not wait to be loved for as much as I can love one other. It is crazy really just how much I long for the feeling I have experienced before in my life just a few years ago. Somewhere along the way though from there to here, I got lost. I can openly and honestly say I am not the same person I was nearing the end of my high school career. I can almost guarantee that as you now read and think about this fact, you will undoubtedly agree. People change. It is the fact of life; the painful reality that we choose to close our eyes in front of.

I am not saying I don’t like my life; however, I am not saying it is perfect either. In fact, it is far from. Welcome to the reality of growing up Zach. I definitely was not warned enough for this (even though I was). Oh well, right? The most I could do is push forward as time forced me through this cavern of life with no way of turning back. All I came armed with were my two hands flailing in front me trying to feel for a solid wall to find my position. All I kept running into was air; deep, unknown, ever-changing, air.

Yes, it is within this cave that I learnt how to ride a bike as my dad gave me a running push down my childhood street with nothing but a big smile on his face. It is also the same cave that my mom had given me countless words of advice hoping to provide a light for me, but there is no light that can help you through this. You will get lost, you will fall down, and you will pick yourself up. The best you can do is push forward showing time that you fear not what lies ahead, but the people you’ll see and the places you’ll go while trying to get there.

My epiphany starts here. I have definitely noticed a prolonged period of carelessness going on lately. Not that my grades in university are bad, or that I am robbing a bank, but just the simple fact of me not being true to my prior beliefs in life in regards to relationships. Maybe it was the harsh destruction of my last strongest attempt in this manner that led me to forget how to care and love for another as an element of chemistry. That is no excuse though. It is not just me who has gotten lost in this part of the cave, no, not at all. I saw many other people there. All I can say is that I hope they realize what I did and maybe they will move on to the next labyrinth. I wish I could tell them that they were walking in circles, but I can’t do such things.

You hear all the time in life that it takes just one thing, person, event, or realization to take place in order to change your direction. This has proven true to me this weekend. I made a bold move for myself and decided to throw out my old trash. It was time to get rid of the weights that bore me down in 2013 and continue this path fresh and lightened. I am going to focus on me more, less of what I want, more of what I need. Less making excuses for things I want, and more realizing practicality of those I need. I am taking a step into the world of journalism; I have always liked to write, maybe this is the route for me? It is definitely worth a shot. I have cleaned out my closet, and actually thought about where I went wrong. That mistake won’t be happening again.

As to this very moment as I wrap up my post, I am happy with my state of mind. I feel great that I actually was able to converse with you. Maybe just one of you reads this all, but that is one more person I can have this heartfelt conversation with. I am peering into the horizon of a potentially satisfying career path, I may have met someone who could fill that empty void I talked about earlier on, and I am looking into the future one day at a time. We live in a world that is 1.5 seconds long, you must make sure to keep an eye on where you are going. You can not go back, you can not even move ahead. You must walk through this darkness one step at a time feeling for the walls that will lead you in the right direction.

Hold on to your friends, your dearests, and your self-worth. If you lose any of those for a second you would be surprised how quickly you can get pushed in the wrong direction. It is definitely an unsatisfying time trying to get back on track, so just stay on track. Keep your values, your ideas, your dreams, hell even shoot for them! You have nothing to lose. Do not throw any of these away, or else you will have no idea where you are going, who you are trying to find, or why you just can not seem to be happy.

You will know it when it comes. You will feel the same “Shit, it is time to regather my thoughts” feeling that I had. Now, I am quite confident that where I am headed from here on is nothing but good news. I have nothing but good going on right now.

Take care,

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