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What about all of those words?

Hey guys,

Have you ever truly wondered about what words mean? They could mean tons of things of course, from conveying an upsetting event that has passed, or to suggesting two people spend the rest of their lives together. Words are a really powerful device in this world today and I just feel like I should write about them a bit.

I have had many incidents where I have said something and then later, kick myself in the teeth after thinking of something else I could have said that would have portrayed my emotion much better. Really, aside from facial gestures (though they speak 1000 words themselves), you have your word choice by your side to influence and create anything you desire in this world. This world is a blank book, a large book for that matter. If you were to be the one peering into it from above as an uncertain identity, you could read a large history of people that have made the world shake, lovers who have gained, those who have lost, and peace that has been made just for a few examples. Now, is that not the most incredible thing you have ever thought about?

Imagine a world where people could not speak. Do it, right now………………………..How did it look to you? Were there a lot of happy faces? Were there movements and divisions? Were there technological advances, food sharing, a clear set of who was on top and who was on bottom? I would like to know from you how the world looks without words. Reply in the comments box; I am interested to see what people say (using words).

This really all came about just because I was thinking…..of course, as usual. One thing that is said to me from a particular person can have entirely different value to me from another person who says the same thing. How it is said, what the person looks like when they are saying it, and the amount of passion and emotion I can receive from the individual makes all the difference to me. There are people who I want to tell me certain things, and must wait for that moment. Then there are also other people I hope that never tell me other certain things.

In the life we live, one word, one sentence, one empowering vocal release of one’s self can change just so much in an instant.

Take care,

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